My Chic Ethnic Online Shop now open on ETSY


Online Shop @ Etsy

I am very happy and proud to announce that my online shop is now open for business at !

The Unique Handmade Tribal Tote Bags (Bags and Clutches) and soon some accessories, are now ready and waiting for your visit !

You can find us on by clicking on the beautiful My Chic Ethnic Banner above,

I am really looking forward to see you visiting my online shop as I am always adding more items to the shop as they are made.

You can also find “My Chic Ethnic” on Facebook and Pinterest !

I would appreciate your visit to my Online Shop!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest and support ad “See you Soon” ! as My Chic Ethnic Shop is only 1 click away… !!



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4 Replies to “My Chic Ethnic Online Shop now open on ETSY”

  1. Hey Jacky,

    Such a fantastic collection of handmade bags. very unique handmade tribal bags and accessories.
    I have checked your shop and all are very rare pieces. I have also started following you on Pinterest. Just want to know if it can be washed at home or need a dry clean?

  2. Hi Shubaangi, thank you for your question.
    The fabrics are washed by hand and ironed before I make the bags.
    The bags can be washed by hand with cold water (room temperature), but do not wash the leather straps. You can also send the bag to the Dry Cleaning (due to the leather straps). This is the preferred option.
    Have a nice day
    Kind regards,

  3. Congratulations on getting your shop open on Etsy and your tribal products loaded. My Chic Ethnic is going to be a wild success I am sure. There is a demand for the products you have, and people will be getting the word out too using the social platforms that you are tapping into.

    These bags are made of recycled materials I see (I went to the store) and no two are exactly alike since they are handmade. I also see that they are being shipped from Thailand. Is it any problem with customs or shipping times for orders? 

    You may want to add in another sales site (or two even) to get additional views and sales. I would suggest creating a WooCommerce based store and a Facebook/Instagram store for these. There would be huge interest and with the WordPress based store, you could build a blog with related content…

    Best of luck with your My Chic Ethnic store and e-commerce business. You have a great start!

  4. Hi Dave,
    thank you for your visit and your positive comments!
    I am taking your suggestion to start a WooCommerce based store into consideration. I looked at Facebook but to open a seperate business page there I need more followers, If I recall correctly 10.000 and actually I have almost 3500. Working on it ;o)
    Again thanks and please pass on the good word!
    Kind regards,
    Jacky @ MyChicEthnic

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