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Hmong Textiles

I have a strong interest in unique handbags and handmade items and even more so if it is made in My Home Country Thailand. My love (passion) for Unique Handmade Bags and Vintage items, as also Wooden Furniture, sparked my travels to the North of Thailand and surrounding countries in search of Authentic Handmade items for our home.

It was during my travel to the North of Thailand that I met Hmong people who were selling their Handmade Tribal goods to tourists. This is a very important income stream for them and the items they produce are simply wonderful and unique! This is also where I had the idea to  start up this “My Chic Ethnic” Website and my Online Shop.

Hmong Baby Carrier

I started buying and collecting the beautiful Handmade Fabrics, that the Hmong expecting mothers produce to make Baby Carriers.
These fabrics are now used to make Unique, Vintage, Colorful and Beautiful “One of a Kind Bags” such as Shoulder Bags, Evening Clutches, Purse Bag, Cosmetics Pouch.

I sew the fabrics into bags very carefully, so if, for whatever reason, the buyer would like to use the fabric (for display or,….) they can do so. Some of the fabrics are really old, some older than 80 years!!!

Why did I start this site?

Many of my friends have been asking “Where did you get that bag ?!” I want to have the same bag as yours. I am always (attention, sarcasm) sorry to tell them that they can not have the same bag as mine, as no 2 bags are alike. UNLESS! and that is also one of the reasons for starting my business and this site, the Bags are mass produced”.  The market is now flooded with machine made fabrics that are used to produce Bags and Clutches that all look the same.

The Ethnic Hmong Thai Hill Tribe Handmade bags that I make are in Vintage Style, using recycled cotton fabrics that used to be baby carriers. Each Baby Carrier and is made by hand using the pregnant mother’s imagination who put their love and warmth into making these items of unique beauty.

Hmong Textiles

Each piece of fabric has therefore a different pattern and is decorated with original embroidery and some is cross stitched. Hill tribe people that make these fabrics use traditional methods along with natural materials (e.g. silk, cotton,…) and designs going back for centuries.

Note: due to the condition and the nature of the vintage fabrics and the handmade method of the embroidery on those fabrics, marks and imperfections on the bags are therefore possible.

What is my goal?

I want to present my Beautiful Bags to people that really appreciate Authenticity and Unique Handmade Bags, something like Designer Shoulder Bags for people that appreciate authenticity and Unique items.

I would like to give the opportunity to everyone who, so far, wasn’t able to visit the North of Thailand, to find out about these unique bags and even own one of these wonderful handmade bags, made from ancient tribe fabrics.

Hmong Bags              Hmong Bag

If you would have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via email:

With kindest regards,

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4 Replies to “My Chic Ethnic”

  1. Hi Jacky! I love Thailand. It’s beatiful. My wife used to work in Chon Buri before we decided to move over here in Bermuda. Next time we will be visiting Thailand, we will definitely check out those hand made bags. My wife loves bags from Thailand. She often buy from that one popular store. Not going to name it haha…

    1. Hi, thank you for visiting and tell your wife to check out the bags on my online store! :o))
      Best regards to you and your wife, Take care!

  2. Wow, I love the journey you’ve made discovering these fabrics, as well as finding ways to support locals to have an ethical source of income. What a thoughtful and valuable idea you offer to both those who go to the effort of making these fabrics into useful touristy items. You have a kind heart. Your bags are gorgeous too! I’ll book mark your site for future reference too, Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Kat, Thank you for visiting my site and leaving such a nice comment! I do hope you come back often and also visit my online shop on a regular basis as I keep making and adding handmade Bags to my shop. Have a nice day and see you soon! Love, Jacky

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