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MyChicEthnic is about Handmade Bags For Women but it is also about more than just Handmade Bags for Women, it is also about Ethnic Minorities. In my case the HMONG Hill Tribeswomen that keep their traditions of handmade textiles (clothing and Baby Carriers) and other items alive.




The precious fabrics, used tohandmade bag compose the handmade Hmong bags, are handmade by women of the HMONG tribes, living far away from the comfort of the big cities. Every piece of fabric used is made by hand from their traditions, their history, and their skills.

The Hmong girls take on the skills and traditions of weaving, embroidery and cross-stitching at a young age to be ready to provide for themselves and their family when the time comes. Embroidery is the symbol of feminine accomplishment in Hmong Hill tribes.


The first items made by them, according to Hmong tradition, is for the preparation of their own wedding dress followed by the making of a Baby Carrier. The Baby carrier expresses the Love of a Mother for her child and her hope and dedication to a better future for her family.

It is important to know that everything used to create the MyChicEthnic Bags are mostly retrieved vintage fabrics, pieces of authentic Hmong Clothing, from handmade Hmong Baby Carriers, embroidery from traditional clothing, beads, bells, etc.


handmade bag

It is what you could call the recycling of collectible and rare vintage items. Here we strike two birds with one stone, we contribute to the reduction of waste and we support Hmong families with some extra income.

The bags I present are totally Vintage or Retro Style, Real Pieces of Art and every bag is loaded with history from the Hmong people, some of the Fabrics used are more than 80 years old!

Every Bag is uniquely imagined and sewed by hand using vintage Hmong Fabrics, which I procure from Hmong Tribes Markets.


Each Bag is a Piece of Art and History


Each Bag sold is a contribution to women to support a family, a community with the result of her handmade items.

It is also a way to preserve the ancient know-how and traditions of the Hmong Tribes.

Vietnam – A Hmong craft from Peek in motion on Vimeo.

To own one of the beautiful Handmade Tote Bags, Shoulder or Clutch Bags is to be in the possession of a Work Of Art and owning A Piece of Hmong History. I have in stock Large and Extra Large Tote Bags for Women, evening clutch bags (aka Cosmetics Bag) and select pieces of handmade Hmong Clothing.

It is also a “One of a Kind Bag” and, most of all, a Bag with “Soul”, a little bit of “Time Travel”, a Discovery of an Ethnic Minority – in this case the Hmong Tribes – and it’s people living, from your perspective, at the other side of the World, “The Far East”, (still) far away from the Modern World.

If you would like to purchase one of the Unique Handmade Hmong Bags – Visit my Online Shop

HandmadeBaghandmade bag


Who are the HMONG People?


The Hmong presence in Thailand dates back, according to most authors, to the turn of the 20th century when they migrated from China through Laos. The presence of Hmong settlements in Thailand is documented from the end of the 19th century.
A relatively small number of Hmong people, at that time, settled dozens of villages throughout the Thai Northern Provinces.
Following the victory of Pathet Lao in 1975, more Hmong migrated from Laos to Thailand. While some ended up in refugee camps, others settled in Thailand’s mountainous areas.

Hmong GirlToday the Hmong population is Thailand is estimated between 150.00 and 250.000 , depending on the source you consult, the Hmong people are still mostly located in the North of Thailand but some are also found elsewhere in the country. They live in a closed community, keeping their traditions alive.

I hope you will enjoy the visit to my page and also the strolling through my online shop where many beautiful Handmade Bags, (Shoulder Bags, Tote Bags Large and Extra Large), evening Clutches / Cosmetics Pouches are presented.


Thank you so much for your visit and I hope to see you again in the near future, either here on in my online shop!

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  1. Hi, these bags are absolutely beautiful. I hadn’t heard about the Hmong people before. Thank you for sharing this information. I just love the patterns and the colors of the bags, they really catch your eyes with their beauty. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Sandy, Thank you for your visit and kind words.
      I am happy that you like my Bags, it means a lot to me. I do hope you take the time to also visit my online shop?
      Again, thank you and I hope you will pop in now and again to see the updates here and in my shop.
      Take care, Love Jacky

  2. Would really like to purchase one of the large tote bags.
    How am I able to ??
    And how much?!!
    Thank you

  3. This is fascinating. I think I have seen the Hmong people before, in photos. But I never knew the name of their tribe. Thank you for introducing them to the world, and the world to them.

    I find the idea really good. The recycling of their fabric into bags. I can see potential of making more stuff from this idea; e.g. wallets, pouches, key holders, etc. Or even new products designed around the Hmong culture.

    Are your products all sold online? Do you have a store?

    I have a friend who is in the textile industry. I must show him this.

    Once again, thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Timotheus, thank you for the visit and comments! I really appreciate your time.
      We sell the Bags online at – feel free to check it out and pass the link on to your friend(s)
      For now I have Bags and Evening Clutches. I have some Handmade Hmong clothing items for future sale.
      I am also thinking about putting some of the old Hmong Baby Carriers Fabrics that I have for sale as there seems to be a demand for them from collectors.
      Again, thank you for your visit and do come back to check for updates.
      Kind regards, Jacky

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